Product brief introduction:

Chinese made electric vehicles and dc charging piles exported overseas using GB/T 27930 need to change the hardware and software of BMS and charging pile controller (SECC) to support ISO/ICE 15118(or DIN70121,SAE J2847) standards to meet the eu and us market demand for charging piles and electric vehicles.This change requires long development time and high development costs.

Shenzhen foripower electric co., LTD. Provides the European standard and American standard PLC communication conversion module, making the products conform to the European standard and American standard without changing the SECC and BMS hardware.It can be used as an independent product or embedded in SECC to make the EV Charger comply with European and American standards. It can also be embedded in VCU, BMS, PDU, OBC, MCU, DCDC and other products to make the EV meet the standard requirements of European and American standards for charging piles.

Product feature:

Broadband PLC chip USES the mainstreamQualcomm QCA7005, good compatibility, meet the United States 4mhz-20mhz,European access network 1.6 mhz-10mhz, indoor 10mhz-30mhz use conditions.

      Supports ISO/IEC15118, SAE2847 and DIN70121 standards.

      Support protocol conversion between ISO15118 EVSE andGB/T 27930 SECC in dc charging pile.

      Supports protocol conversion between ISO15118 EVCC andGB/T 27930 BMS in electric vehicles.

      Support remote upgrade through CAN software.

  • Technical specifications

  • Product

    Pile end EVSE module

    Vehicular EVCC module

    Input voltage range



    Operating temperature range


Product display

  • PLC Conversion module
  • PLC Conversion module
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