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  Foripower is committed to becoming a leading company of Fuel Cell Balance of Plant (BOP) systems. It has got obvious technological advantages in the field of fuel cell DC/DC, fuel cell compressor motor controller (FCC MCU) and high-voltage integration system. Foripower has also developed fuel cell experimental equipment and production equipment such as high-power DC sources & electronic loads, stack activation equipment, and grid-tieinverter products.

  As the under taker of a sub-project of the National Key Research & Development Plan, Foripower has developed a high-power DC/DC platform with excellent performance and reliability. The maximum power of its DC/DC products is 300KW,and the peak working efficiency is over 99%. With the strong flexibility and adaptability to various needs from different customers, its products can meet customers’demand by rapid development and quick delivery.

  There are several technological advantages of Foripower’s fuel cell compressor motor controller (FCC MCU), such as of high efficiency, low total harmonic current, low dV/dt, etc. The characteristic of wide input voltage can make our air compressor controller suitable for different voltage platforms both on passenger cars and commercial vehicles in same compressor design.

   Foripower has cooperated with more than 100 fuel cell companies all over the world which include several world-famous auto mobile suppliers. We have accumulated a lot of practical experiences from many different projects. Foripower’s products have rapid upgrade and iteration that further streng then our leading advantages in this industry.


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