60kW air compressor controller and 400kW high-power PCU solution Launched

Release date:2022-09-14Browse times: second

       In the third quarter of 2022, Shenzhen ForipowerElectric launches new generation 60kW FRE 120 series-- Hydrogen fuel cellsystem air compressor controller.

     FRE120 series air compressor controller, adopting new generation power electronic technology and silicon carbide device, the peak conversion efficiency exceeds 99%.  With almost the same volume, the power is twice as high as before.

      Characteristics of FRE 120 series air compressor controller:

    1. Maximum power in the industry at present: 60kW rated power; 70kW peak power;

    2. 3500Hz output frequency; the speed of single-pole motor reaches 210,000 RPM.

    3. At rated load, the harmonic current of the motor is less than 2%, reducing the motor temperature effectively.

    4. With excellent electromagnetic compatibility performance, Conduction and radiation meet the requirements of GB/T18655 Class 3.

      FRE120 Series high-power centrifugal air compressor controller will be combined with DC-DC converter, also Foripower’s mature high power product, constituting 200kw-400kw integrated power controller (PCU) solution. The solution will help our stack system partners improve high-power product combination, and commercial application in hydrogen fuel cell heavy vehicles. 
     At present, Foripower Electric’s PCU have been platformized and serialized, can constitute various combination with components including DC-DC, air compressor controller, 24V DCL, EIS module, BOP etc., which can help customers reduce costs and improve system reliability.

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