Big news! Shenzhen's first bus demonstration line with hydrogen energy was put into use —Equipped with Foripower Electric fuel cell high-power DC/DC

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With the first batch of passengers boarding,the city's first bus demonstration line  with hydrogen energy was officially put into use in Pingdi Street, Longgang    District, Shenzhen on October 20. The hydrogen bus demonstration line starts from PingdiHuiyuan Main Station, passes through the International Low-Carbon City, Pingdi Middle School, LonggangCentral Hospital and other places, and finally arrives at Shuanglong MetroStation, where citizens can experience the ride for free. The hydrogen energybus demonstration line will also be used as a connection line to provideprecise services for Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City.

      The bus is 11 meters long, which can carry 45passengers. It adopts the "Hydrogen FCS65" fuel cell system developedand produced by state power investment Hydrogen Energy. The rated net output ofthe system is 67kW and the rated power of the stack is 88kW. At present, atemporary hydrogen refueling station has been built in Longgang, Shenzhen,which can solve the hydrogen refueling problem of hydrogen energy buses."The hydrogenation time of the hydrogen bus is only 20 minutes, and thecruising range is about 650 kilometers. It has more advantages in the use ofurban buses and energy saving." The relevant person in charge of the StatePower Investment Corporation said.

The hydrogen bus that was put in use for the first time is equipped with the"Hydrogen FCS65" fuel cell system of the State Power InvestmentCorporation, which uses the high-power DC/DC from Foripower Electric. As the specialsub-project undertaker of the new energy vehicle of the national key researchand development plan, the fuel cell high-power DC/DC platform developed byShenzhen Foripower Electric has obvious technological advancement and qualityreliability. The maximum power of this series of products is 300KW, the peakwork efficiency is more than 99%, and it has strong flexibility andadaptability, which can meet the individual needs of different manufacturers and achieve rapid development and delivery!

Foripower Electric has cooperated with more than 100 fuel cell companies at home and abroad, including many world-renowned auto parts companies. The company has accumulated a lot of practical experience in project development, and the product has achieved rapid upgrades and iterations, further consolidating the leading edge of product technology!

High power DC/DC:

         High-speed air compressor controller:

Electronic load:

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