Attend 2021 Bosch’s First Hydrogen Energy Suppliers Conference

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     On October 21, 2021, the first conference of Bosch Hydrogen Energy Supplier was grandly held in Wuxi,Jiangsu. Gore Du, General Manager of Foripower Electric, Leo Xuan, Vice President of Marketing, and Jeffrey Tang, Chief Engineer, were invited toparticipate.On 21st Oct 2021, 2021 Bosch’s first hydrogen energy suppliers’ conference was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu. Our general manager Gore Du, vice president of marketing Leo Xuan and chief engineer Jeffrey Tang were invited to attend.

      At the conference, We showed 2 models of products: Fuel cell high-power DCDC and Switch Box, both of which are supplied to Bosch in batch. As the world's most well-known auto parts group, Bosch is a world leader in the field of fuel vehicles and a world leader in the field of diesel engines. It is believed that Bosch will also be the leader in the field of fuel cell engines. As Bosch’s core supplier, designated supplier in the next 5-10 years, two companies will promote China’s hydrogen energy vehicle industry together.

         Group photo for Gore Du, General Manager of Foripower Electric & Leo Xuan, Vice President of Marketing & JeffreyTang, Chief Engineer and Wenner Thomas, Vice President of Bosch China:

      We committed to be China’s leading enterprise in fuel cell auxiliary system key parts (BOP), and has gained advantages in the field of high-power DC-DC products, high-speed air compressor controllers (FCC MCU), fuel cell high-voltage system integration products. Meanwhile, Foripower is expanding in the field of fuel cell experimental facilities, production facilities etc., successively launching high-power DC source and electronic load, stack activation facilities, on-grid inverters ect. And won the market recognition.

     Foripower Electric has built cooperative partnership with more than 100 fuel cell enterprises in the domestic and overseas, most of them are world-famous auto part enterprises. We has realized rapid product update and iteration, keeping the significant lead in technology.

High power DC/DC:

Switch Box:

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